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List of Individuals
Carter, Minerva
Carter, Minerva (1)
Carter, Minnie M.
Carter, Mittie Lee
Carter, Molsy A.
Carter, Monnie Lamar
Carter, Nancy
Carter, Nannette Elizabeth
Carter, Nettie Ardelia
Carter, Newton A.
Carter, Oscar F.
Carter, Pafford P.
Carter, Patricia Ann
Carter, Rachel Marie
Carter, Raiford
Carter, Ralph
Carter, Richard
Carter, Robert
Carter, Rosa Elizabeth
Carter, Rose
Carter, Roy
Carter, Roy Delano
Carter, Rufus H.
Carter, Samuel
Carter, Samuel (1)
Carter, Sarah Charity
Carter, Sarah Loraine
Carter, Sherry Dawn
Carter, Steve
Carter, Stevelyn Elizabeth
Carter, Stuart Lee
Carter, Susie Ammer
Carter, T. A.
Carter, Thaddeus Amos
Carter, Thomas Crawford
Carter, Thomas Levi
Carter, Veleria Maline
Carter, Walter Pascal
Carter, William
Carter, William (1)
Carter, William (2)
Carter, William Edward
Carter, William Rufus
Carter/ , Jr.|, Jr, George Lawton
Carter/|Poll, Mary Ann
Carthrae, Addison
Carthrae, Charles
Carthrae, Charles (1)
Cartin, Anna
Cartrell, Joseph Kelly
Cartrell, Narcy
Cartright, Martha Harriet
Cartrite, Vickie LeeAnn
Cartwright, Adeline G.
Cartwright, Alvira
Cartwright, Arabella
Cartwright, Eliza Ann
Cartwright, Elizabeth Evelyn
Cartwright, Elnora
Cartwright, James A.
Cartwright, John Hunter
Cartwright, Justinian
Cartwright, Lily
Cartwright, Mary Emma
Cartwright, Mary Frances
Cartwright/ Dr.|Dr, Joseph Lafayette
Caruso (Private), Christopher Sebastian
Caruso (Private), Joseph Michael
Caruso (Private), Michael Andreas
Caruso (Private), Thomas
Caruthers, Mary
Carver, Frances
Carver, Jesse
Carver, Margaret
Carver, Ruth
Carver, Sara Louise
Carwell, Cecil
Carwright, Serena
Case, Experience
Casebolt (Private), Kathy
Casella (Private), Bryan Vincent
Casella (Private), Carmella
Casella (Private), Charles
Casella (Private), Joe
Casey (Private), Lila Norene
Casey, Unknown
Cash (Private), Alma Elizabeth
Cash (Private), Eva Marie
Cash (Private), Jean Juhlin
Cash (Private), Jeffery Kenneth
Cash (Private), John Welborn
Cash (Private), Leslie Jean
Cash (Private), Melba Lorea
Cash (Private), Mildred
Cash (Private), Noel Lorraine
Cash (Private), Patricia Lynn
Cash (Private), Robert Argel
Cash (Private), Robert Paul
Cash (Private), Sarah Noreen
Cash (Private), Teresa Jane
Cash (Private), William Henry II
Cash (Private), William Milton
Cash (twin), Marinda H.
Cash (twin), Willis
Cash, Alcey M.
Cash, Alice Belle
Cash, Alpheus
Cash, Alpheus S.
Cash, Andrew S.
Cash, Angeline
Cash, Anish *
Cash, Belinda
Cash, Benjamin
Cash, Benjamin (1)
Cash, Benjamin Woods
Cash, Bethany
Cash, Betsie
Cash, Calvin
Cash, Calvin (1)
Cash, Caroline
Cash, Carrie A.
Cash, Catherine
Cash, Charles Leslie
Cash, Claybourne Augustus
Cash, Edward
Cash, Effey
Cash, Elbert
Cash, Elijah Hubert
Cash, Emma Maude
Cash, Frances
Cash, Frank Calvin
Cash, Genette
Cash, George B.
Cash, Gertrude
Cash, Green Berry
Cash, Horace
Cash, Howard
Cash, Infant Daughter
Cash, Iradell
Cash, James
Cash, James (1)
Cash, James (2)
Cash, James Augustus
Cash, James C.
Cash, James Sidney
Cash, James Slaughter
Cash, James T.
Cash, Jennifer
Cash, Jeremiah Hannibal
Cash, Jesse
Cash, Joel F.
Cash, John
Cash, John (1)
Cash, John Howard
Cash, Joseph
Cash, Joseph (1)
Cash, Josiah B.
Cash, Leroy P.
Cash, Lewis Claibourne
Cash, Lutesia Preston
Cash, Malinda Malisa
Cash, Margaret Francis
Cash, Martha Josephine
Cash, Mary
Cash, Mary Elizabeth
Cash, Mary Etta
Cash, Michael
Cash, Michael , Jr.
Cash, Morris William
Cash, Nancy
Cash, Nancy (1)
Cash, Nancy Finnie
Cash, Peachy
Cash, Perlie
Cash, Peter
Cash, Pleney
Cash, Porter
Cash, Ready M.
Cash, Reuben
Cash, Robert "Howard"
Cash, Robert Milton
Cash, Rosie
Cash, Ruby Elizabeth
Cash, Rufus H.
Cash, Ruth
Cash, Sally
Cash, Sarah Margaret
Cash, Sophronia
Cash, Stephen
Cash, Stephen P.
Cash, Susan M.
Cash, Susannah
Cash, Tabitha
Cash, Thomas
Cash, Thomas *
Cash, Thomas Albert
Cash, Thomas Milton
Cash, Turk
Cash, Warren Thomas
Cash, William
Cash, William (1)
Cash, William Bennett
Cash, William Clarence
Cash, William Henry
Cash, William Robert
Cash, William Thomas
Cash, Willie Elizabeth
Cash, Zulah Robert
Cash/ Jr.|Jr, William
Cash/ Sr.|Sr, William
Cashion, Augustus Houston
Cashman, Mary
Cashore, Edward Dodd
Caskie, Norma Randolph
Cason (Private), ???
Cason (Private), Jimmy
Cason (Private), Sheila
Cason, Cassandra (O'Steen) (Cassey)
Cason, Eli
Cason, J.T.
Cason, James
Cason, John
Cason, Nancy
Cason, Nellie
Cason, Sarah Ann
Cason, Susan Ann
Casper (Private), Dale Melvin
Castelberry, Autry
Castelberry, Ricky
Castenbain, Catherine Eugenia
Castenbain, Jean Marie
Castenbain, Joyce Elaine
Castenbain, William H.
Castleberry (Private), Avil Earl
Castleberry (Private), Cheryl Anne
Castleberry (Private), Karen Lisa
Castleberry (Private), Mary Evelyn
Castleberry (Private), Samuel Lawton II
Castleberry (Private), Samuel Lawton Sr.
Castleberry (Private), Sandra Cherie
Castleberry (Private), Sheila Deirdre
Castleberry (Private), Sherry Teresa
Castleberry, Corina
Castleberry, Hattie Eudora
Castleberry, John
Castleberry, Lettie
Castleberry, Linda
Castleberry, Onnie
Castleberry, Robert T.
Castleberry, Samuel Bartholomew
Castleberry, Sue
Castleberry, William
Catchings, Boza
Cate, Robert
Cates (Private), Bobby Francis
Cates (Private), Jere Fannin
Cates (Private), Johnny Oleve
Cates (Private), Rachel Louise (Sis. Mary Francis)
Cates, ???
Cates, Adolphin
Cates, Alex Campbell
Cates, Brodie Francis
Cates, Charles H.
Cates, Charles Wilson
Cates, Faye Alberta
Cates, Felix Grunde
Cates, Glen Ora (Ola)
Cates, Hattie Francis
Cates, Lewellen
Cates, Margaret E.
Cates, Martha Jane
Cates, Mattie Ernestine
Cates, Melissa
Cates, Minerva
Cates, Myrtle Mamie
Cates, Richard Grande
Cates, Ruth Elizabeth
Cates, Sidney
Cates, Susan
Cates, Tolbert Fanning
Cates, Tolbert William "Tollie"
Catlett, John
Catlett, Judith
Catlett, Mary Buck
Cato (Private), Jennifer
Cato (Private), John Ray , Jr.
Cato (Private), John Ray III
Cato, Rev. William R.
Caton (Private), Wayne
Catsos (Private), Harry
Catsos (Private), Katherine
Catterton, Sallie
Catton (Private), Edwin Lynn
Catton (Private), Sarah Lynn
Catton, Charles Roy
Catton, Henry Lynn
Caudle, Amy
Caudle, Sarah J.
Caughman, Martha
Caulder, William H.
Caulson (Private), Douglas
Causey, Charles "Charlie"
Causey, John Pinckney
Causey, Saundra Jeanna
Cauthen, Mattie Lee
Cauthorn, Susannah
Cavanaugh, Ruth Marie Brady
Cave, Elizabeth Winston
Cavendar (Private), Angie
Cavender (Private), Ellen
Cavender (Private), Harry
Cavender, Albert
Cavender, Alma
Cavender, Ivan Ned
Cavender, John
Cavender, Mary Louise
Cavett (Private), Mark David
Cavett (Private), Ray
Cavett (Private), Tammie
Cecil, Dorothy Katherine
Cecil, James Thomas
Cecil, Mildred Ann
Cersey, Vennie
Chabolla, Mary Villa
Chadwell, George W.
Chadwell, Matilda Anne
Chaffer, Albert Milton
Chaffer, Elbert Milton
Chaffin, Elizabeth Bird
Chafin, Johnie Virginia "Vergie"
Chalker, Nancy
Chalmers, David
Chalmers, James
Chamberlain, Charles
Chamberlain, John
Chamberlain, John (1)
Chamberlain, Leonard
Chamberlain, Leonard (1)
Chamberlain, Lloyd Utah
Chamberlain, Spilsbe
Chambers, ???
Chambers, Ethel N.
Chambers, Fred
Chambers, Jesse
Chambers, Mary J.
Chambers, Pearlie
Chambles, Fay
Chambless, Alice Rebecca
Chambless, Alton Gibbs
Chambless, Joseph Maurice
Chambless, Lemuel Seay (Jr.)
Chambless, Lemuel Seay , Sr.
Chambless, Mary Louise
Chamblin/|"Betty" /Chamblin, Elizabeth Freelove
Chamblis, Million
Chambliss, Carol
Champagne (Private), ???
Champe, Mary
Champion, Clarence Paul
Chance (Private), Carol
Chance (Private), Retha
Chance, Effie
Chance, Lonnie
Chance, Sallie A.
Chance, William J.
Chancey, Unknown
Chandler (Private), ???
Chandler (Private), Constance Susan
Chandler (Private), William Rogers , Jr.
Chandler, Algernon Bertrand
Chandler, Alma
Chandler, Betty Ann
Chandler, Elizabeth D.
Chandler, Farris William
Chandler, Frances Ganell
Chandler, Jenie
Chandler, John
Chandler, Mary
Chandler, Mary Jane
Chandler, Melanie Karen
Chandler, Stafford
Chandler, Thomas
Chandler, Thomas Coleman
Chandler, Timothy
Chandler, William
Chandler, William Rogers
Chandler, William Tilly
Chandler, Wilma Rogenia
Chandler/ Rev.|Rev, Richard Woolfolk
Chaney, Clifford
Chaney, Elizabeth
Chanler, Beatrice
Chapin, Edward Young
Chapin, John Thomas
Chapin, Laura Katherine
Chapman (Private), Amanda Lee
Chapman (Private), Betta
Chapman (Private), Bonnie
Chapman (Private), David
Chapman (Private), Dora Ann
Chapman (Private), Hazel Yvonne
Chapman (Private), James Daniel
Chapman (Private), John Lewis
Chapman (Private), Judy Lee
Chapman (Private), Julia Mae
Chapman (Private), Kyle Patrick
Chapman (Private), Max
Chapman (Private), Minerva
Chapman (Private), Mozelle
Chapman (Private), Rena
Chapman (Private), Reta
Chapman (Private), Roberta
Chapman (Private), Ruby
Chapman (Private), Sean Christopher
Chapman (Private), Shirley
Chapman (Private), Tracy Kim
Chapman (Private), W. T.
Chapman, Biram Benjamin
Chapman, Charles T.
Chapman, D. J.
Chapman, Eddie Stanly
Chapman, Elizabeth Forrer
Chapman, Gerald Youmans
Chapman, James E.
Chapman, James Neal
Chapman, John
Chapman, Martha Helen
Chapman, Mary
Chapman, Mary Ann
Chapman, Melinda Earline
Chapman, William T.
Chappell, Mary
Chappell, Nancy
Charles, Ellen
Charles, Meta S.
Charlton, J.R.
Charlton, William M.
Chasserau, Mary
Chastain (Private), Jessica Nicole
Chastain (Private), Robert
Chastain (Private), Steven Craig
Chastion (Private), Teresa
Chatham, Alexis Harrison
Chatham, Robert Hood , Jr.
Chatham, Robert Hood III
Chauncey, Elizabeth
Chavis (Private), Janet
Chavous (Private), Irene Taylor
Chavous, Clarence Newman
Cheek (Private), Michael Lynn
Cheek (Private), Opal Ora
Cheek (Private), Roy Michael
Cheek, Bessie Jo
Cheek, Blanche Marcelle
Cheek, Bobbye Nell
Cheek, Lacy Maudell
Cheek, Lou Mildred
Cheek, Madge Lee
Cheek, Patsy Ann
Cheek, Richard Jasper
Cheek, Robert Lee
Cheeves (Private), Bethany Renee
Cheeves (Private), Erskyn Dwayne
Cheeves (Private), James Merlin
Cheeves (Private), Jan
Cheeves (Private), Kenneth James
Cheeves (Private), Robert Leon
Cheeves (Private), Robert Leon (Jr.)
Cheeves, Leon Adam "Peck"
Chelton, Mary
Chenault, John
Cheney, Gertrude
Chennault (Private), Sarah Frances
Cherry (Private), Marilee
Cherry, John H.
Cherry, Robert
Cherry, Stacy
Cherven (Private), Paul
Cherven, Cassandra Rose
Cherven, Daniel Wayne
Cherven, David Paul
Cherven, Kelly Marie
Cherven, Mary Paulette
Cherven, Paul
Cherven, Ruth Marie
Cherven, Sandra Kay
Cherven, Sarah Joyce
Cherven, Sean Daniel
Chesley, Parrish , Jr.
Chesser (Private), Harry Douglas
Chesser, Lora
Chesser, Pearle
Chester (Private), Buddy
Chester (Private), Willie Thomas
Chestman, Henry
Chestnut, Robert
Chestnutt, Junius Haywood
Chestnutt, Margaret
Chew, Ann

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