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List of Individuals
Wortham (Private), Michael O'Neil
Wortham (Private), Michelle Diane
Wortham (Private), Michelle Josephine
Wortham (Private), Michelle Josephine (1)
Wortham (Private), Michelle Leigh
Wortham (Private), Michelle Meynn
Wortham (Private), Mickey
Wortham (Private), Mike
Wortham (Private), Mike (1)
Wortham (Private), Mildred Elois
Wortham (Private), Miles Clark (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), Miles Clark (Sr.)
Wortham (Private), Miles Frank
Wortham (Private), Milton Ray "Buddy"
Wortham (Private), Mindee (twins)
Wortham (Private), Misty Nicole
Wortham (Private), Misty Rochelle
Wortham (Private), Mitchell Emmett
Wortham (Private), Monroe Lee
Wortham (Private), Murl Austin
Wortham (Private), Nancy Louise
Wortham (Private), Natalie Nicole
Wortham (Private), Nell
Wortham (Private), Nell Marie
Wortham (Private), Nesbo
Wortham (Private), Newell Eugene
Wortham (Private), Nicholas
Wortham (Private), Nina
Wortham (Private), Norma Dean
Wortham (Private), Norma Mae
Wortham (Private), Norman
Wortham (Private), Odetta
Wortham (Private), Omar Euin
Wortham (Private), Onial Claud
Wortham (Private), Opal Grace
Wortham (Private), Ora Dee
Wortham (Private), Orville Donnie
Wortham (Private), Otis William
Wortham (Private), Pamela
Wortham (Private), Pat
Wortham (Private), Patria Margaret
Wortham (Private), Patricia
Wortham (Private), Patricia A.
Wortham (Private), Patricia Sue
Wortham (Private), Patrick
Wortham (Private), Patsy Nadine
Wortham (Private), Paul Edward
Wortham (Private), Paul Fredrick
Wortham (Private), Paul Hampton (III)
Wortham (Private), Paul Hampton (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), Paul Henry
Wortham (Private), Paula
Wortham (Private), Pearl Laura
Wortham (Private), Pearl Rivers
Wortham (Private), Penny Kay
Wortham (Private), Phillip
Wortham (Private), Pia
Wortham (Private), Polly
Wortham (Private), Quale Ann
Wortham (Private), R.E.
Wortham (Private), R.Q.
Wortham (Private), Rachel Jocelyn Lensky
Wortham (Private), Ralph Lamar (Sr.)
Wortham (Private), Ralph Lamar , Jr.
Wortham (Private), Ralph Own
Wortham (Private), Ralph Own (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), Ramona Ray
Wortham (Private), Rebecca Lee
Wortham (Private), Rebecca Sue
Wortham (Private), Richard Carlton
Wortham (Private), Richard Walter II
Wortham (Private), Rickey
Wortham (Private), Robert Alexander
Wortham (Private), Robert C.
Wortham (Private), Robert Earl
Wortham (Private), Robert Fulton , Jr.
Wortham (Private), Robert John (Bob)
Wortham (Private), Robert John (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), Robert Perry
Wortham (Private), Robert R. (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), Robert Wayne
Wortham (Private), Robert William (Robb)
Wortham (Private), Robert Wilson
Wortham (Private), Robin Rochelle
Wortham (Private), Roger Lynn
Wortham (Private), Roger Murl
Wortham (Private), Ronald
Wortham (Private), Ronald Duaine
Wortham (Private), Ronald E.
Wortham (Private), Ronald Jay
Wortham (Private), Ronald Lee
Wortham (Private), Ronny
Wortham (Private), Rose Marie
Wortham (Private), Rosemary
Wortham (Private), Rosemary (1)
Wortham (Private), Rosemary (2)
Wortham (Private), Ross Edward
Wortham (Private), Rowdy Olen
Wortham (Private), Ruby Charlene
Wortham (Private), Russell
Wortham (Private), Ruth Colleen
Wortham (Private), Ryan Charles
Wortham (Private), Sam S. , Jr.
Wortham (Private), Samuel Thomas
Wortham (Private), Sandra
Wortham (Private), Sandra (1)
Wortham (Private), Sandra Kay
Wortham (Private), Sandra Lea (twins)
Wortham (Private), Sara
Wortham (Private), Sara Kate
Wortham (Private), Sara Omelia
Wortham (Private), Sarah Ann
Wortham (Private), Sarah Ella
Wortham (Private), Sawyer Albert
Wortham (Private), Scott
Wortham (Private), Shannon Lee
Wortham (Private), Shannon Ray
Wortham (Private), Shannon Star
Wortham (Private), Sharon
Wortham (Private), Sharon (1)
Wortham (Private), Sharon (2)
Wortham (Private), Sharon Elaine
Wortham (Private), Shawanna Dione
Wortham (Private), Shea Renee
Wortham (Private), Shelley Anne
Wortham (Private), Sheri Lynn
Wortham (Private), Sherry L.
Wortham (Private), Shirley Ann
Wortham (Private), Shirley Lee
Wortham (Private), Stanton Emerson Fisher
Wortham (Private), Stella
Wortham (Private), Stephanie Sunshine
Wortham (Private), Stephen Anthony
Wortham (Private), Stephen Chilton
Wortham (Private), Stephen Douglas
Wortham (Private), Sterling P.
Wortham (Private), Steve
Wortham (Private), Steven Daniel
Wortham (Private), Steven David
Wortham (Private), Steven Earl
Wortham (Private), Stewart Vincent
Wortham (Private), Sue
Wortham (Private), Susan A.
Wortham (Private), Susan Elizabeth
Wortham (Private), Susan Phillips
Wortham (Private), Suzanne
Wortham (Private), Ted Coil
Wortham (Private), Tempest Gail
Wortham (Private), Tempest Leola
Wortham (Private), Teresa
Wortham (Private), Teresa Elaine
Wortham (Private), Terry
Wortham (Private), Terry (1)
Wortham (Private), Thomas Alsobrook
Wortham (Private), Thomas Craig
Wortham (Private), Thomas Hagan
Wortham (Private), Thomas Moseley
Wortham (Private), Thomas Richard
Wortham (Private), Thomas Robert (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), Thomas Robert III
Wortham (Private), Thomas Seth
Wortham (Private), Thomas Shaw
Wortham (Private), Thomas Wayne
Wortham (Private), Tiffin Erle
Wortham (Private), Todd Carlton
Wortham (Private), Tomi Louise
Wortham (Private), Tommy Jo
Wortham (Private), Trenton Samuel
Wortham (Private), Truman
Wortham (Private), Virginia
Wortham (Private), Virginia Ann
Wortham (Private), Virginia Anne
Wortham (Private), Virginia Pratt
Wortham (Private), Wallace George
Wortham (Private), Wanda
Wortham (Private), Wanda (1)
Wortham (Private), Wanda Bland
Wortham (Private), Wanda Joyce
Wortham (Private), Wanda Lee
Wortham (Private), Warren
Wortham (Private), Warren Glen
Wortham (Private), Wayne Milton
Wortham (Private), Wendy Ann
Wortham (Private), Wendy Katherine
Wortham (Private), Wendy Shanel
Wortham (Private), Wilbur Raleigh "Webb" (Sr.)
Wortham (Private), Wilbur Raleigh (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), William (DDS.) Brent
Wortham (Private), William Becton (Jr.)
Wortham (Private), William Charles
Wortham (Private), William David
Wortham (Private), William Homer
Wortham (Private), William Notley V
Wortham (Private), William Porter "Bill"
Wortham (Private), William Samuel
Wortham (Private), William Samuel (1)
Wortham (Private), Wilma Lurlene
Wortham (Private), Wonder Sheila
Wortham (Private), Wynell
Wortham (Private), Zachery Ivan
Wortham (Private)/ Dr.|Dr, Charles Frederick , Jr.
Wortham (Private)/ Dr.|Dr, Thomas Henry
Wortham, ???
Wortham, ??? (1)
Wortham, A. Frank
Wortham, A. L.
Wortham, Abraham
Wortham, Ada
Wortham, Ada (1)
Wortham, Adam Clarke
Wortham, Addie
Wortham, Addie (1)
Wortham, Addie (Betsy)
Wortham, Addie C.
Wortham, Addie May
Wortham, Adolphus R.
Wortham, Agnes
Wortham, Agnes (1)
Wortham, Alan Brazel Bonner Bolivar Duke
Wortham, Albert Ahab
Wortham, Albert Ashcroft
Wortham, Albert Carr
Wortham, Albert Frierson "Fry"
Wortham, Albert Garnett
Wortham, Albert Glenn , Jr.
Wortham, Albert Hugh
Wortham, Albert L.
Wortham, Albert Walen
Wortham, Albert William "Bill" (PhD)
Wortham, Alberta
Wortham, Alberta (1)
Wortham, Alethia (Elitha)
Wortham, Alex Sprunt
Wortham, Alexander Heath
Wortham, Alexander M.
Wortham, Alexander M. (1)
Wortham, Alfred H. (Heath?)
Wortham, Algie
Wortham, Alice
Wortham, Alice (1)
Wortham, Alice Jean
Wortham, Allen Rufus
Wortham, Allie Mae
Wortham, Allin Williams A.G. "Guilliam"
Wortham, Alma
Wortham, Alma (1)
Wortham, Alma Audell
Wortham, Alma Elizabeth
Wortham, Alphes Winston
Wortham, Alpheus Maddox
Wortham, Alphias B.D.
Wortham, Alphion
Wortham, Alva Altrell
Wortham, Alvis Clint
Wortham, Alvis R.
Wortham, Alyne Elizabeth
Wortham, Amanda
Wortham, Amanda Cordelia F.
Wortham, Amanda Frances
Wortham, Amelia
Wortham, Amelia Caroline
Wortham, America Ann
Wortham, America Izabel
Wortham, Andrew Broaddus
Wortham, Andrew Doria
Wortham, Ann
Wortham, Ann "Nancy"
Wortham, Ann "Nancy" (1)
Wortham, Ann (1)
Wortham, Ann (2)
Wortham, Ann (3)
Wortham, Ann Elizabeth
Wortham, Ann Elizabeth (1)
Wortham, Ann Permilia
Wortham, Ann R.
Wortham, Anna
Wortham, Anna (1)
Wortham, Anna Elizabeth
Wortham, Anna May
Wortham, Anna Rebecca "Bessie"
Wortham, Anne
Wortham, Anne (1)
Wortham, Anne (2)
Wortham, Anne Becton
Wortham, Anne Catherine
Wortham, Anne Elizabeth "Annis"
Wortham, Anner ÒAnnaÓ
Wortham, Annette Wilbur
Wortham, Annie
Wortham, Annie (1)
Wortham, Annie (2)
Wortham, Annie (3)
Wortham, Annie Briscoe
Wortham, Annie D.
Wortham, Annie Hall
Wortham, Annie M.
Wortham, Annie Margaret
Wortham, Annie Maria
Wortham, Annie Winifred
Wortham, Archibald Wayne
Wortham, Arena
Wortham, Arlee L.
Wortham, Arthur George
Wortham, Arthur Onslow
Wortham, Arzolyar "Arie"
Wortham, Asa Lafayette
Wortham, Asilee
Wortham, Athagene
Wortham, Aubrey Benjamin (A.B.)
Wortham, Augustine W. (Wilson?)
Wortham, Auldon Iram
Wortham, B.F.
Wortham, Bant
Wortham, Barbara Dean
Wortham, Beheathland (Hettie)
Wortham, Behethland Frances
Wortham, Bell
Wortham, Ben F.
Wortham, Benjamin
Wortham, Benjamin "Burr" Harrison
Wortham, Benjamin Arthur
Wortham, Benjamin Britt (B.B.)
Wortham, Benjamin F.
Wortham, Benjamin Franklin
Wortham, Benjamin Franklin "Bud"
Wortham, Benjamin Franklin (1)
Wortham, Benjamin Heath
Wortham, Benjamin Heath (1)
Wortham, Benjamin Heath (2)
Wortham, Benjamin Heath , Jr.
Wortham, Benjamin Heath , Sr.
Wortham, Benjamin Idus , Sr.
Wortham, Benjamin Nathaniel "The Judge"
Wortham, Benjamin Oscar
Wortham, Benjeman Love
Wortham, Benoni
Wortham, Bernice Elva
Wortham, Bert
Wortham, Bertha Alma
Wortham, Bertha Mills
Wortham, Bessie
Wortham, Bessie Campbell
Wortham, Bessie Mae
Wortham, Bessie Montgomery
Wortham, Bettie Lou
Wortham, Betty
Wortham, Betty Ann
Wortham, Betty Joe
Wortham, Beverly Jean
Wortham, Billy Earl
Wortham, Blanche
Wortham, Blanche (1)
Wortham, Blanche Elizabeth
Wortham, Bonnie Olene
Wortham, Bose Rosencrantz
Wortham, Brent Carron
Wortham, Bryan
Wortham, Buelah Ethel
Wortham, Byrd Morris
Wortham, C.E.
Wortham, Calmore H. "Collie"
Wortham, Calvin H.
Wortham, Cannie E.
Wortham, Carl B.
Wortham, Carl Douglas
Wortham, Carl Edmondsun
Wortham, Carl Williams
Wortham, Carniss
Wortham, Caroline M.
Wortham, Caroline Rose
Wortham, Carrie Alice
Wortham, Carrie E.
Wortham, Carrie Margaret
Wortham, Catherine "Cad"
Wortham, Catherine "Ketty" McNairy
Wortham, Catherine Jacob
Wortham, Chalmer
Wortham, Charles
Wortham, Charles "Charlie Jr."
Wortham, Charles "Charlie or Buck"
Wortham, Charles (1)
Wortham, Charles (2)
Wortham, Charles (3)
Wortham, Charles (4)
Wortham, Charles (5)
Wortham, Charles (6)
Wortham, Charles (7)
Wortham, Charles (8)
Wortham, Charles (9)
Wortham, Charles (10)
Wortham, Charles Archibald
Wortham, Charles Aubrey
Wortham, Charles B.
Wortham, Charles Brister
Wortham, Charles Columbus
Wortham, Charles D. "Charlie"
Wortham, Charles D. "Charlie" , Jr.
Wortham, Charles E.
Wortham, Charles E. (1)
Wortham, Charles E. (2)
Wortham, Charles Edmond
Wortham, Charles Elliot
Wortham, Charles Homer
Wortham, Charles John
Wortham, Charles Lee
Wortham, Charles Lee (Dick)
Wortham, Charles Lucas
Wortham, Charles Luther (Charlie)
Wortham, Charles Luther , Jr.
Wortham, Charles M.
Wortham, Charles Machen (Mechem)
Wortham, Charles Montgomery
Wortham, Charles Moses "Cap"
Wortham, Charles P.
Wortham, Charles Prentice
Wortham, Charles Teliaferro
Wortham, Charles Thomas
Wortham, Charles Thomas (1)
Wortham, Charles Thomas (2)
Wortham, Charles W.
Wortham, Charles Washington (W.S.?)
Wortham, Charles William
Wortham, Charles William (1)
Wortham, Charles William (2)
Wortham, Charley
Wortham, Charlie
Wortham, Charlie (1)
Wortham, Charlotta
Wortham, Chattie
Wortham, Chattie Elta
Wortham, Christopher Columbus
Wortham, Clara
Wortham, Clara (1)
Wortham, Clara (2)
Wortham, Clarence
Wortham, Clarence A. , Jr.
Wortham, Clarence A. , Sr.
Wortham, Clarence Hugh
Wortham, Clarence Randolph , Sr.
Wortham, Clarice
Wortham, Claud
Wortham, Claud A.
Wortham, Claud F.
Wortham, Claudie Ann
Wortham, Claudius Doria "Claude"
Wortham, Cleo Lilburn
Wortham, Clifford McRae
Wortham, Clinton
Wortham, Clinton (1)
Wortham, Cloe Mae
Wortham, Clyde
Wortham, Clyde Harold
Wortham, Clyde Marion
Wortham, Coleman
Wortham, Coleman (1)
Wortham, Coleman , Jr.
Wortham, Cooper
Wortham, Cooper (1)
Wortham, Cora
Wortham, Cordelia
Wortham, Corene
Wortham, Corene Hope
Wortham, Cornelia
Wortham, Cornelia Fannie
Wortham, Creed James
Wortham, Creed Thomas
Wortham, Curtis Tucher
Wortham, Daisy
Wortham, Daisy (1)
Wortham, Daisy (2)
Wortham, Daisy Wright
Wortham, Daniel Furgason , Jr.
Wortham, Daniel Furgason Foushee
Wortham, Daniel Thomas
Wortham, Daughter
Wortham, daughter
Wortham, Dave
Wortham, David Andrew
Wortham, David Douglas
Wortham, David Foushee
Wortham, David Lee (Jim)
Wortham, David Phillip
Wortham, David Rice
Wortham, Daymond
Wortham, Dean
Wortham, Deloach
Wortham, Dennis Levi
Wortham, Dessie Arnold
Wortham, Dillard
Wortham, Dolly (Dollie)
Wortham, Don Marcus
Wortham, Dora
Wortham, Dora (1)
Wortham, Dora Emily
Wortham, Dora Mae
Wortham, Dora Nadine
Wortham, Doris Elizabeth
Wortham, Douglas
Wortham, Drucilla Carolyn
Wortham, Duel

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