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List of Individuals
Connell, Diane June
Connell, Eddie
Connell, Edgar Allen
Connell, Eliza Margaret
Connell, Elizabeth
Connell, Elnita Faye
Connell, Emma Helen
Connell, Enos James
Connell, Euell Wilson
Connell, Eugene Talmadge
Connell, Eva Su-Anne
Connell, Faye Vernell
Connell, Flora Jane
Connell, Florence Julia
Connell, Genevieve Morris
Connell, Guy
Connell, Hattie Mae
Connell, Henry C.
Connell, Henry E.
Connell, Henry Snead
Connell, Henry Winfred
Connell, Homer
Connell, Homer , Jr.
Connell, Ida Jene
Connell, Infant
Connell, Infant (1)
Connell, Infant (2)
Connell, Jack Wainwright
Connell, Jackson E.
Connell, James I. Griffin
Connell, James Isiah Griffin
Connell, James Isiah Griffin (1)
Connell, James Ottis
Connell, James Randall
Connell, James T.
Connell, Jaqueline Dean
Connell, Jay Northern
Connell, Jay Ottis
Connell, Jeanette
Connell, Jesse
Connell, Jimmy Northern
Connell, John A.
Connell, John Enoch "Jack E."
Connell, John Gray
Connell, John Money
Connell, John S.
Connell, Joseph Bryant
Connell, Joseph Jackson W.
Connell, Judy Lynn
Connell, Katherine Irene
Connell, Kenneth John
Connell, Kimberly Kay
Connell, Leanna Hope
Connell, Leland
Connell, Leonard Flem Guy
Connell, Leonard Grady
Connell, Lilla
Connell, Marsha Lynn
Connell, Martha Gaskins
Connell, Mary M.
Connell, Mary Sarah "Sallie"
Connell, Mary Susie
Connell, Mary Vila
Connell, Mattie
Connell, Melba Mazel
Connell, Melissa Ann
Connell, Michael Raymond
Connell, Michael Shane
Connell, Miza Vona
Connell, Myrtle Lorena
Connell, Newton Wiley
Connell, Nina
Connell, Norma Livette
Connell, Onnie Texas
Connell, Perry Randall
Connell, Retha Irene
Connell, Reuben Futch
Connell, Reuben Futch , Jr.
Connell, Roy Charles
Connell, Roy Charles , Jr.
Connell, Sally Jo
Connell, Samuel
Connell, Samuel (1)
Connell, Sarah Ann M. "Sally"
Connell, Sarah Elizabeth
Connell, Sarah ÒSallyÓ
Connell, Selma Estell
Connell, Sharon Kay
Connell, Sonya Gay
Connell, Stephen Foster
Connell, Stephen Foster , Jr.
Connell, Tami Lynn
Connell, Thomas Clark
Connell, Thomas Clark , Jr.
Connell, Thomas F.
Connell, Thomas N.
Connell, Thomas Neal "Tom" "Sonny"
Connell, Valera Ann
Connell, Valeta Idell
Connell, Vanecia Alease
Connell, Vernon Tally
Connell, Walter Clemons "Walt"
Connell, William E.
Connell, William E. (1)
Connell, William Griffin
Connell, William Shelton "Bill"
Connell, William Shelton , Jr.
Connell, Willie Raymond
Connell, Winnie Elizabeth
Connelly (Private), Dean
Connelly (Private), Genieva
Connelly (Private), Joseph Franklin , Jr.
Connelly (Private), Lee Onel IV
Connelly (Private), Mary Ann
Connelly (Private), Nonie
Connelly (Private), Ralph
Connelly (Private), William Dawson
Connelly, Infant Son 1
Connelly, Infant Son 2
Connelly, Infant Son 3
Connelly, Joseph Franklin
Connelly, Joseph Franklin (1)
Connelly, Josie Lee
Connely, Espy
Conner (Private), Betty Jean
Conner (Private), Harold Ezell , Jr.
Conner (Private), Harold Ezell ÒPatÓ
Conner (Private), James Clifford
Conner (Private), Mary Lois
Conner (Private), Nancy Elizabeth
Conner (Private), Tina Marie
Conner (Private), Wilma Ina
Conner, Cleo
Conner, Frances Katie
Conner, James
Conner, Leon Harold
Conner, Mariah McDonald
Conner, Mary Maude
Conner, Paul Lee
Conner, Troy
Conner, Wilson W.
Connerley, Edna Mae
Connerley, Harley Rufus
Connerley, Nola Rose
Connolly, Gerrard Alphonsus , Jr.
Connolly, Kate
Connolly, Moira Clare
Connor, Frances ÒFannyÓ
Connor, Miriam
Conover, Carolyn Louise
Conrad, Christina Bette
Conrad, James C.
Constable (Private), Bill
Constable (Private), Jason
Constable (Private), Sena Ray
Constable, ???
Constant, Hazel
Constant, Sarah B.
Conway (Private), Linda Carroll
Conway, ???
Conway, Eleanor Rose
Conway, Mammie
Conwell, Rudy R.
Coody, David Lee
Coody, David Lee , Jr.
Coody, Jennifer Danean
Cook (Private), ???
Cook (Private), Anthony Grant
Cook (Private), Dorothy Marie
Cook (Private), Grant Avery
Cook (Private), James
Cook (Private), James Olin
Cook (Private), Joan L.
Cook (Private), Lee
Cook (Private), Leroy
Cook (Private), Michael
Cook (Private), Owen Grady II
Cook (Private), Richard A. , Jr.
Cook (Private), Sandra
Cook (Private), Urell
Cook, Aaron A.
Cook, Aaron Henry Littles
Cook, Albert Allen
Cook, Albert Earl
Cook, Albert Gadi
Cook, Ann Elizabeth
Cook, Annie
Cook, Annie (1)
Cook, Ara Lester Lee "Little Bill"
Cook, Arinda
Cook, Arkansas
Cook, Benjamin
Cook, Benjamin T
Cook, Bertha Nancy "Pam"
Cook, Betty Sue
Cook, Bettye Jo
Cook, Bradley
Cook, Carolyn
Cook, Charlotte
Cook, Cora Bell
Cook, Crystal
Cook, David G.
Cook, David William
Cook, Deliah Katie "Dee"
Cook, Don
Cook, Emily
Cook, Emma
Cook, Ernest Eugene
Cook, Essie Pearl
Cook, Fairiby
Cook, Frances Elizabeth
Cook, Fred Lowell
Cook, Fred Pennington
Cook, George Walter
Cook, George Washington
Cook, Gladys
Cook, Glenn
Cook, Gordon Monroe
Cook, Holly Ann
Cook, Isaac Clayton
Cook, J. F.
Cook, James "Herbert"
Cook, James Herbert , Jr.
Cook, James Melvin "JM"
Cook, Jamie
Cook, Jamie (1)
Cook, Janie Ruth
Cook, Jeff
Cook, John
Cook, John (1)
Cook, John Jasper
Cook, John Plimp
Cook, John Wesley
Cook, Johnie David
Cook, Judith Gail
Cook, Judith Lynn
Cook, Lara "Lucille"
Cook, Lawrence
Cook, Lawson Howard
Cook, Leonard Huratio Davis
Cook, Lillie Victoria
Cook, Lizzie Belle
Cook, Loisa Mae
Cook, Lola Elizabeth
Cook, Lona Belle
Cook, Lucious Perry
Cook, Mabel Edith
Cook, Mamie
Cook, Margaret
Cook, Martha Janet
Cook, Mary
Cook, Mary Helen
Cook, Mary Jane
Cook, Milvinia
Cook, Minttie "Madeline"
Cook, Nancy
Cook, Newman
Cook, Ola Lee
Cook, Ora Margaret
Cook, Rachel Arrena
Cook, Richard V"Dick"
Cook, Robert "Bobby" Eugene
Cook, Robert "Rob" Clayton
Cook, Robert Eugene (Bobby)
Cook, Ronda Nell
Cook, Rosie Esther
Cook, Ruby
Cook, Ruby Joe
Cook, Ruth Myrtice
Cook, Sarah
Cook, Sarah "Emma Lee"
Cook, Sarah Matilda Florida
Cook, Steve
Cook, Susan
Cook, Teddy Hue
Cook, Terri LeVann
Cook, Verdie Lee
Cook, William Harvey Watson
Cook, William Henry " Big Bill"
Cook, William Marcus
Cook, William T.
Cook, Wilson , Jr.
Cooke, John S.
Cooke, Mary St. Clair
Cooke, Mattie Lee
Cooksey, Steven Michael
Cooley, Frank Cramer
Cooley, Thomas E.
Cooley/ Dr.|Dr, Frank
Coolican (Private), Amy Elizabeth
Coolican (Private), Christopher
Coolican (Private), Joseph Thomas
Coolican (Private), Kristen
Coolican (Private), Lindsay Brickman
Coolican (Private), Matthew Eugene
Coolican (Private), Paulene Anne
Coolican (Private), Thomas
Cooney, Polly
Cooney, William
Cooper (Private), Bessie Mae
Cooper (Private), James Harold
Cooper (Private), James Michael
Cooper (Private), Linda
Cooper (Private), Ronald Edward
Cooper (Private), Timothy Edward III
Cooper, Adam
Cooper, Alfred
Cooper, Anna Elisabeth
Cooper, Bamer Bell
Cooper, Beatrice
Cooper, Bertha Lee
Cooper, Bonnie
Cooper, Chrystelle
Cooper, Elizabeth Florence
Cooper, Ellen
Cooper, Florence
Cooper, George
Cooper, James Kinyan
Cooper, James Kinyan , Jr.
Cooper, John
Cooper, Josiah
Cooper, Leslie
Cooper, Lillian
Cooper, Lydia
Cooper, Martha Jane
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Ruby Essie
Cooper, Sara Anne
Cooper, Sarah Marie "Sallie"
Cooper, Terrell R.
Cooper, Vespasian V
Cooper/ Dr.|Dr, George Madison
Coover, W S
Cope (Private), ???
Cope, ???
Copeland (Private), Brenda L.
Copeland (Private), David
Copeland (Private), Francis Juanita
Copeland, Annie Eugenia
Copeland, Elizabeth
Copeland, Ethan Clay
Copeland, Ethel
Copeland, Hattie Claudia
Copeland, Kevin
Copeland, Margaret
Copeland, Sallie F.
Copeland, Savilla
Copeland, William
Coper, ???
Copp, Jennie
Coppage (Private), Leon Terrell
Coppage, Amy Joyce
Coppage, Benjamin Terrell
Coppage, Charlene
Coppage, Charles
Coppage, Ethridge
Coppage, Leon
Coppage, Leon Daniel
Coppage, Leon Terrell
Coppage, Smith
Coppedge, Dennis Lee
Coppedge, Fred Lee
Coppedge, Katherine Lancaster
Coppedge, Laura Wesley
Corbett, Alymer Glenn
Corbett, April
Corbett, Calvin
Corbett, Cornelius Thomas
Corbett, Estill Robertson
Corbett, Franklin Hamlet
Corbett, Jeff
Corbett, Mary Elizabeth
Corbett, Tommie Lou
Corbett, William Stephen
Corbett, Willie Mozell
Corbin, Caviel
Corbin, Fanny
Corbin, James Fant
Corbin, John Read
Corbin, Lettice
Corbin, Lewis
Corbin, Lewis Henry
Corbin, Lucy
Corbin, Mary Elizabeth
Corbin, Nathan
Corbin, Samuel
Corbin, Silas
Corbin, Silas (1)
Corbin, William
Corbitt, Diana
Corbitt, Diana (1)
Corbitt, Diana (2)
Corbitt, Diana (3)
Corbitt, Ira Jean
Corbitt, Marshall
Corbitt, Marshall (1)
Corbitt, Martin
Corbitt, Newsom
Corbitt, Thomas
Cordray, Bridgett
Cordray, William
Coremier, ???
Coremier, Boy
Corley, Betty
Corley, Ed
Corley, Martha
Corley, Mary
Corley, Robert A.
Corley, Virginia
Corn, Raymond
Corn, Raymond (1)
Corn, Samuel
Corn, Virginia
Cornatzer, Connie
Cornatzer, Richard
Cornatzer, Teresa
Cornejo, Anthony
Cornejo, Mary Ann Campos
Cornelius, ???
Cornelius, Regina "Gina"
Cornell, Elizabeth
Cornell, Susan
Corner, Sue Hope
Cornish, Callie
Cornish, June Carolyn
Cornwell, Bessie Mae
Cornwell, Charles Walker
Cornwell, Elizabeth
Cornwell, George Butler
Cornwell, Georgia
Cornwell, John
Cornwell, Marie Faye
Corprew, Bathsheba
Cossett, Frances
Cothran, Myra
Cottle, Thelma
Cotton (Private), Annie Mildred
Cotton (Private), Carrie Lynn
Cotton (Private), Charlene
Cotton (Private), Charles Edward
Cotton (Private), Dwain
Cotton (Private), Gordon A.
Cotton (Private), Marguerite Jean
Cotton (Private), Mary Colleen
Cotton (Private), William Dwain "Dee"
Cotton, Cora Lee
Cotton, Edward Beauregard
Cotton, Edward Foster
Cotton, Emma Puryear
Cotton, George Alfred
Cotton, Sallie Juanice
Cotton, Sophie Malena
Cotton, Wade Sexton
Cotton, William Eaton
Cotton/ , Jr.|, Jr, William Eaton
Cotton/|Hooke, William Wade
Cotts, Gerald Joseph
Couchman, John
Coulter, ???
Coulter, Elizabeth Smith
Council (Private), Billy Eugene
Council (Private), Joyce Elaine
Council (Private), Steven Eugene
Council (Private), William Michael
Counts, Ezzie
Courson, Alex
Courson, Buford
Courson, Charles Hoyt
Courson, Clarence
Courson, Elizabeth
Courson, Estelle
Courson, Floyce
Courson, Jewell Mae
Courson, Larry Odell
Courson, Lee
Courson, Lee Ila.
Courson, Leo
Courson, Lestor
Courson, Martha Jane
Courson, Mary Elizabeth
Courson, Perry J.
Courson, Ted
Courson, Warren L.
Cousins, Linda Gail
Covan, James Aubry
Covan, Sandra Annette
Covenah, Arrive Cleo
Covey (Private), Beth Ann
Covey (Private), Brian McKinley (Mac)
Covey (Private), George Everett
Covey (Private), Gerald Lynn
Covey (Private), Joan De Viv (Linville)
Covey (Private), John David
Covey (Private), Marcia Elizabeth
Covey, Julia
Covey, William Bryan
Covington (Private), Charles , Jr.
Covington (Private), Frances
Covington, Ann
Covington, Ann (1)

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