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List of Individuals
Strawder, Dolly
Strawder, Dolly (1)
Strawder, Lillie
Strawder, Lillie (1)
Strawder, Unknown
Strawder, Unknown (1)
Strebel (Private), Cynthia Ann
Street (Private), Clara Elizabeth
Street, Thomas
Streetman, Annie Elizabeth
Stretcher, Fenwick
Strickland (Private), James B.
Strickland (Private), Julia
Strickland*, J. M.
Strickland, Allen
Strickland, Alma Jean
Strickland, Alma Jean (1)
Strickland, Amanda
Strickland, Amanda (1)
Strickland, America
Strickland, Amy Marie
Strickland, Amy Marie (1)
Strickland, Annie
Strickland, Annie Louise
Strickland, Annie Louise (1)
Strickland, Belle
Strickland, Billy Horton
Strickland, Carol Diane
Strickland, Charles
Strickland, Charles (1)
Strickland, Dorsey
Strickland, Easter
Strickland, Elias
Strickland, Elijah
Strickland, Ella
Strickland, Ellen
Strickland, Ellen (1)
Strickland, Fannie
Strickland, Frances
Strickland, Frances (1)
Strickland, Gary Daniel
Strickland, Hattie
Strickland, James
Strickland, James H.
Strickland, Jeffrey Dennis
Strickland, John , Jr.
Strickland, John Steven
Strickland, John W.
Strickland, John W. (1)
Strickland, Joseph Hiers
Strickland, Lea Amanda
Strickland, Lea Amanda (1)
Strickland, Levi
Strickland, Linnie
Strickland, Lucy
Strickland, Martha
Strickland, Martha (Patsy)
Strickland, Martha E.
Strickland, Martha E. "Mattie"
Strickland, Martin F.
Strickland, Mary E.
Strickland, Mattie
Strickland, Minnie Lee
Strickland, Ocie
Strickland, Owen
Strickland, Penni
Strickland, Rachel P.
Strickland, Richard
Strickland, Richard (1)
Strickland, Sallie
Strickland, Sarah "Sallie"
Strickland, Sherry Sue
Strickland, Sherry Sue (1)
Strickland, Simpson
Strickland, Stephen D.
Strickland, Susan
Strickland, Unknown
Strickland, Vertie Pauline
Strickland, Wanda Virginia "Ginny"
Strickland, Wanda Virginia "Ginny" (1)
Strickland, Wayne Delbert
Strickland, William Bryan
Strickland, William W.
Strickland/|Ne, Edwin Grady
Stricklin (Private), Charles Lawrence
Stricklin (Private), Cleason E.
Stricklin, Lawrence
Stringer, Daniel
Stringer, Simon
Stringfellow, Bruce W.
Stringfellow, Charles S.
Stringfellow, Janie Stuart
Stringfellow, Mary Jane
Stringfellow, Mastin
Stringfellow/ Rev.|Rev, Horace
Stripling, Bertha F.
Stripling, Buck
Stripling, Buck (1)
Strode, ???
Strode, Hal
Strode, Hal (1)
Strom, Arthur Lamar (Tiny)
Strong (Private), Jeanette
Strong, Eula May
Strong, Frederick Nielsen
Strope (Private), Patty
Strother, Anne
Strother, Benjamin
Strother, Benjamin (1)
Strother, Daniel French
Strother, Elizabeth
Strother, Elizabeth (1)
Strother, Elizabeth French
Strother, Francis
Strother, Francis (1)
Strother, George French
Strother, Gilly Coleman
Strother, Harriet
Strother, James
Strother, James French
Strother, James Robert
Strother, James Thomas
Strother, James Wade
Strother, John
Strother, John Dabney
Strother, John F.
Strother, Joseph
Strother, Lucy
Strother, Lucy (1)
Strother, Lucy (2)
Strother, Margaret
Strother, Margaret French
Strother, Margaret ÒMaryÓ
Strother, Mary
Strother, Mildred
Strother, Sarah
Strother, Susanna
Strother, Susannah
Strother, William
Strother, William (1)
Strother/ Hon.|Hon, French
Strother/ Reverend|Reveren, George
Stroud, Leila
Stroud, Sophronia
Struck, Sunny
Strum, Sallie
Stuart, Nancy Ann
Stuart, Nancy Ann (1)
Stuart, Nathan
Stubblefield, ???
Stubbleson, Ann
Stubbs, Ann (Nancy)
Stubbs, Anne
Stubbs, Anne (1)
Stubbs, Austin
Stubbs, Blake Gordon
Stubbs, Brenda
Stubbs, Buck
Stubbs, Carolyn
Stubbs, Carolyn (1)
Stubbs, Cora Mae
Stubbs, Earl
Stubbs, Elizabeth
Stubbs, Ferris L.
Stubbs, Francis Ashley
Stubbs, Frank Gordon
Stubbs, Frank Johnson
Stubbs, Frank Johnson (1)
Stubbs, Harlene
Stubbs, Harmon Frank
Stubbs, Harriett
Stubbs, Harry
Stubbs, James Edward
Stubbs, James William
Stubbs, Jeannette
Stubbs, Jenna Lynn
Stubbs, Jillian Elizabeth
Stubbs, Joy Denise
Stubbs, Justin Blake
Stubbs, New Baby
Stubbs, Patricia
Stubbs, Patricia (1)
Stubbs, Rachel
Stubbs, Rachel (1)
Stubbs, Sandra Lynn
Stubbs, Sarah
Stubbs, Stacy
Stubbs, Theodore Barancas
Stubbs, Theodore Bonaparte
Stubbs, Thurman Ashley "Buck"
Stubbs, William
Stubbs, William (1)
Stubbs/ Captain|Captai, James
Stucker, James
Stuckey (Private), Aaron Edwards
Stuckey (Private), Victor Dale
Studstill, (1)
Studstill, Americus C.
Studstill, Caron H.
Studstill, Della
Studstill, E. D.(Dock)
Studstill, Elizabeth
Studstill, Elizabeth (1)
Studstill, Emanuel "Manning"
Studstill, Hustus
Studstill, Hustus , Jr.
Studstill, Hustus , Jr. (1)
Studstill, James M.
Studstill, John
Studstill, John (Jack)
Studstill, John L.
Studstill, Jonathan
Studstill, Jonathan (1)
Studstill, Joseph A.
Studstill, Leatie
Studstill, Levicy
Studstill, Lucretia
Studstill, Lucretia J.
Studstill, Moses E.
Studstill, Nellie
Studstill, Rachel
Studstill, Rachel (1)
Studstill, Rebecca
Studstill, Sarah Ann
Studstill, Sarah Ann E.
Studstill, Thomas J.
Studstill, William
Studstill, William Hustus
Studstill, Winnie
Studstill/ , Jr.|, Jr, Hustus
Stumberg, Charles
Stump, Celeste
Stump, Susan
Stuphen, George K.
Sturrock, Catherine
Suber (Private), ???
Suber (Private), ??? [Male]
Suber, David
Sublett, David Samuel
Sublett, Edwin Keith
Sublett, Randall Lee
Sublette, David
Sublette, Fanny
Sublette, Frances
Sublette, Jennie Sublette
Sublette, John
Sublette, Lewis
Sublette, Lewis (1)
Sublette, Lewis III
Sublette, Lewis IV
Sublette, Mary
Sublette, Morton
Sublette, Susan
Sublette, Susan (1)
Sublette, Thomas
Sublette, Thomas , Jr.
Sublette, William
Sublette, William (1)
Sublette, William , Jr.
Sublette/ Dr.|Dr, Joel DuPuy
Suddath (Private), Ouida
Suddath, Benjamin Hill
Suddath, Mark Edgar
Sugg, James Russell
Suggett, Lucy H.
Suggett, Mollie
Suggett, Polly Ann
Suggs (Private), Allen Dewitt , Jr.
Suggs (Private), Allen Dewitt III
Suggs (Private), Dawn Marie
Suggs (Private), Dian
Suggs (Private), Donna Marie
Suggs (Private), Eugene Rokalta , Jr.
Suggs (Private), Eugene Rokalta , Sr.
Suggs (Private), Gary Michael , Jr.
Suggs (Private), Gary Michael , Sr.
Suggs (Private), Gerald Wayne
Suggs (Private), Iris Jacqueline
Suggs (Private), Jeffery Scott
Suggs (Private), Jennie Renee
Suggs (Private), Jennifer Lynn
Suggs (Private), Jessie Wade
Suggs (Private), Leigh Ann
Suggs (Private), Leigh M.
Suggs (Private), Lois Elodie
Suggs (Private), Marcetta
Suggs (Private), Marlin II
Suggs (Private), Randolph Scott
Suggs (Private), Sandi Cecile
Suggs (Private), Susan Marie
Suggs (Private), Vada Marie
Suggs (Private), William Edward
Suggs, ???
Suggs, Allen Dewitt , Sr.
Suggs, Gerald Edward
Suggs, Gladys Joy
Suggs, Juanell Captola
Suggs, Martha Aethada
Suggs, Nora Alsine
Suggs, Walter Coachman
Suggs, William Lawrence , Jr.
Suggs, William Lawrence , Sr.
Suing, Ronald
Suing, Ronlea Marie
Suits (Private), Buck
Suits, Laura
Suits, Martha
Sullinger, Mary Frances
Sullivan (Private), Bernard Jeremiah
Sullivan (Private), Carolyn Anne
Sullivan (Private), Charles Owen
Sullivan (Private), Dorothy Irish
Sullivan (Private), Helen Lucile
Sullivan (Private), Jeffrey Charles
Sullivan (Private), Jeffrey Tyler
Sullivan (Private), Jonathan Craig
Sullivan (Private), Rosemay
Sullivan, Alexander Clark
Sullivan, Alice
Sullivan, Allen
Sullivan, Andrea Beth
Sullivan, Christy Lynn
Sullivan, Daniel A.
Sullivan, Elizabeth Joyce
Sullivan, James Franklin , III (Step Son To Wife)
Sullivan, James Franklin , Jr.
Sullivan, James Lester
Sullivan, James Newton
Sullivan, James Philo
Sullivan, John Francis
Sullivan, John Gregory
Sullivan, John Lee , Jr.
Sullivan, John William
Sullivan, Joseph
Sullivan, Kate Geane
Sullivan, Marie Margaret
Sullivan, Marion Boyd
Sullivan, Nancy
Sullivan, Nancy E.
Sullivan, Ora Newton
Sullivan, Richard Lyles , Jr.
Sullivan, Richard Lyles Coble
Sullivan, Robert Monroe
Sullivan, Rose
Sullivan, Rubye Ethel
Sullivan, Sallie Cora
Sullivan, Sandra Marie
Sullivan, Sarah Glenn
Sullivan, Stephen Jeffery
Sullivan, Tenora
Sullivan, Thomas Daniel
Sullivan, Viola Estelle
Sullivan, Willard Arnold , Jr.
Sullivan, William
Sullivan/|"Jack" /Sullivan, John Lee
Sullivan/|JAMES FRANKLIN "FRANK" /SULLIVAN/, SR, James Franklin
Sullivan/|RODNEY MATTHEW "MATT" /SULLIVAN, Rodney Matthew
Sullivan/|STEPHEN GREGORY "STEVE" /SULLIVAN, Stephen Gregory
Summerlin, James Allison
Summerlin, James Allison (1)
Summerlin, Jennie
Summerlin, Jennie (1)
Summerlin, Lou Eleanor
Summers, Betty Florence
Summers, Charles
Summers, Matthew Carter
Summers, Shannon Ashley
Summions, Mattie Irene
Sumner, ???
Sumner, Addison
Sumner, Charles
Sumner, Charles (1)
Sumner, Edmund Wright
Sumner, Eugene
Sumner, Eugene (1)
Sumner, Faye
Sumner, Faye (1)
Sumner, Grady
Sumner, Grady (1)
Sumner, James Ray
Sumner, James Ray (1)
Sumner, Joseph Alan
Sumner, Joseph Alan (1)
Sumner, Mae
Sumner, Paul William
Sumner, Paul William (1)
Sumner, Robert Lee
Sumner, Robert Lee (1)
Sumner, Robert Michael
Sumner, Robert Michael (1)
Sumner, Roy Gilbert
Sumner, Roy Gilbert (1)
Sumner, William Addison
Sumner, William Alexander
Sumner, William Rhett
Sumner, William Rhett (1)
Sumner, Winston
Sumner, Winston (1)
Sumrall (Private), Reese William , Jr
Sumrall (Private), Reese William III
Sumrall, Marie
Sunbury, Sean
Sunderman, Elizabeth Reynolds
Sunderman, Emily Louise
Sunderman, Frederick William , Jr
Sunderman, Frederick William III
Sunshine, Christina Marie
Sunshine, Eric Lee
Sunshine, Gary
Sunshine, Lisa Michelle
Sunshine, Melissa Ann
Sunshine, Shauna Marie
Sunshine, William James
Sunshine, William Vernon
Surmans, Alexander
Surmans, Alexander (1)
Surmans, Issac
Surmans, Issac (1)
Surmans, John
Surmans, John (1)
Surmans, Peter
Surrency, Albert B.
Surrency, Catherine
Surrency, Charles Emerson
Surrency, Charles Emerson "Chad" , Jr.
Surrency, Charles Emerson (1)
Surrency, Charlie
Surrency, Craig Lance
Surrency, Craig Lance (1)
Surrency, Della
Surrency, Doris
Surrency, Doris (1)
Surrency, Elizabeth "Libby"
Surrency, Elizabeth "Libby" (1)
Surrency, Esco
Surrency, Estelle
Surrency, Fannie
Surrency, G. W.
Surrency, Garrett
Surrency, Garrett (1)
Surrency, Gary Elton
Surrency, Gary Elton (1)
Surrency, George W.
Surrency, Henry C.
Surrency, Infant
Surrency, Infant (1)
Surrency, Janice Dianne
Surrency, Jennifer Leigh
Surrency, Jennifer Leigh (1)
Surrency, John Albert
Surrency, John Henry
Surrency, John Henry (1)
Surrency, John Henry (2)
Surrency, Jonathan Russell
Surrency, Jonathan Russell (1)
Surrency, Kacey
Surrency, Kacey (1)
Surrency, Linda Barbara
Surrency, Linda Barbara (1)
Surrency, Lounds
Surrency, Melba Louise
Surrency, Rachel E.
Surrency, Richard Henry
Surrency, Richard Henry (1)
Surrency, Rosa
Surrency, Russell Henry
Surrency, Ruth
Surrency, Tina Marie
Surrency, Tina Marie (1)
Surrency, Toye Emerson
Surrency, Whitley Hope
Surrency, Whitley Hope (1)
Surrency, Willie M.
Surrency/ Jr.|Jr.|Cha, Charles Emerson
Susan, (1)
Susan, (2)
Susan, (3)
Suthard, Henry Clay
Suthard, Ruby Gorden
Sutherland (Private), Patricia
Sutherland, Blanche Reynolds
Sutherland, Laurin Elizabeth
Sutherland, Louisa Glenn
Sutherland/|"Spec" /Sutherland, Herbert Laurin
Sutherland/|"Tish" /Sutherland, Martitia Steed
Sutherlin, Elizabeth Ray
Sutton (Private), Blondie
Sutton (Private), Brenda Sue
Sutton (Private), Carolyn Ann
Sutton (Private), Clarice
Sutton (Private), Clayton Elliot
Sutton (Private), Delores Marie
Sutton (Private), Frances
Sutton (Private), Gregory Bryan

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