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List of Individuals
Riner, Pharis Aiden
Riner, Spencer Ellington
Ring, Bertie
Ring, Nancy
Ringer (Private), Mary Dell
Ringer (Private), Stephen Lee
Ringer, Lee
Rippy, Daniel
Rippy, David Victor
Rippy, Lisa Marye
Rippy, Victor Derrall
Riser, Mary
Rish, Louisa Catherine
Ritchie (Private), Nothera
Ritchie, Alice Burdette
Ritchie, Beverly Nosker
Ritchie, Collins Beverly
Ritchie, Francis (Frankie)
Ritchie, James Dunnagan
Ritchie, James William
Ritchie, Minnie Margaret
Ritchie, William Joel (Ritchey)
Rittenberry, Nancy Elizabeth
Rittenhouse, Fannie A.
Rittenhouse, R. R.
Ritter (Private), Allen
Ritter (Private), Curtis A.
Ritter (Private), Curtis G.
Ritter (Private), Debbie S.
Ritter (Private), Dewayne
Ritter (Private), Eddie L.
Ritter (Private), Edgar L.
Ritter (Private), Glen Wayne
Ritter (Private), Godfrey Gaylor , Jr.
Ritter (Private), Gregory G.
Ritter (Private), Kenneth L.
Ritter (Private), Kyle
Ritter (Private), Marilyn
Ritter (Private), Renee
Ritter (Private), Rhonda
Ritter (Private), Ronald
Ritter (Private), Sherry
Ritter, Godfrey Gaylord , Sr.
Ritter, H. C.
Ritter, Henry C.
Ritter, J. Glen
Ritter, Rene
Ritter, Ronald Eugene
Ritter/|Joseph /Ritter, Josiah
Rivers (Private), Annette
Rivers (Private), Laura Croom
Rivers (Private), Legrand
Rivers (Private), Rodney
Rivers, Benjamin
Rivers, Benjamin ÒBennyÓ
Rivers, David
Rivers, Robert H.
Rivers, Winifred
Rives, Isabella
Rizer, Christian
Rizer, David W.
Rizer, George Washington
Rizer, Hansford
Rizer, Isham Nathaniel
Rizer, Katherine E.
Rizer, Lina Lenora
Rizer, Mary Elizabeth
Rizer, Rebecca Ann
Rizer, Sharon
Rizer, Sharon (1)
Rizer, Thomas Preacher
Rizer, William A.
Roach, Rubye
Roach, Rubye (1)
Roach, Sarah
Roan, Samuel Calhoun
Roane, George
Roane, George (1)
Roane, William
Robbel, Judith
Robbel, Judith (1)
Robbins (Private), ???
Robbins (Private), Elzada
Robbins (Private), Judith Ann
Robbins, Ada Mae
Robbins, Andrew Jackson
Robbins, Ann
Robbins, William
Robbins, William (1)
Robbs, Rebecca Ann
Roberson (Private), Anthony Wayne
Roberson (Private), Brenda Ann
Roberson (Private), Debra Ann
Roberson (Private), Elmer P.
Roberson (Private), Norton
Roberson (Private), Ruth L.
Roberson (Private), Sharon Kaye
Roberson (Private), Sing
Roberson (Private), Terrell Mark
Roberson, Annie
Roberson, Annie (1)
Roberson, Ella Louise
Roberson, Judy
Roberson, Judy (1)
Roberson, Maude
Roberson, Phillip
Roberson, Sarah Ann Frances
Roberson, Winnie Maude
Robert, Berlin Addison
Robert, Bobbie Lee Crystell
Robert, Carrie
Robert, Charles O'Bannon
Robert, Crystelle
Robert, Dorothy
Robert, Earl Ward
Robert, Grimball Addison
Robert, Harold Dennis
Robert, Harold Sutton
Robert, James A.
Robert, Jennings Creston
Robert, Jennings O'Bannon
Robert, Jewell Lightfoot
Robert, Judy Charlene
Robert, Mackie H.
Robert, Marilyn Virginia
Robert, Michael O'Bannon
Robert, Morris
Robert, Nancy
Robert, Norman Wayne
Robert, Ollimae
Robert, Roger Lee
Robert, Son Of Morris
Robert, Virginia
Robert, William Hoggatt
Roberts (Private), Ashley Ann
Roberts (Private), Betty Lee
Roberts (Private), Blake Allen
Roberts (Private), Clint Wayne
Roberts (Private), Dora Dean
Roberts (Private), Douglas L.
Roberts (Private), Douglas Lee
Roberts (Private), Edgar Wilson
Roberts (Private), Elmer
Roberts (Private), Gregory Joel
Roberts (Private), Houston Nathaniel
Roberts (Private), Jonathan
Roberts (Private), Justin Dale
Roberts (Private), Kenneth Dale
Roberts (Private), Kiera
Roberts (Private), Leah Ann
Roberts (Private), Mary Ellen
Roberts (Private), Matthew (twins) Lee
Roberts (Private), Olan Wortham
Roberts (Private), Rick Allen
Roberts (Private), Scott
Roberts (Private), Thomas Darrin
Roberts (Private), Thomas Delano
Roberts (Private), Timothy Wayne
Roberts (Private), Tray (twins) Douglas
Roberts, Alice
Roberts, Alvin Prince
Roberts, Amanda A.
Roberts, Amanda A. (1)
Roberts, Angelina Fanny
Roberts, Aswell Hill
Roberts, Barbara
Roberts, Barbara (1)
Roberts, Bernice
Roberts, Bessie
Roberts, Betty Liza
Roberts, Blake Sutherland
Roberts, Bryan J.
Roberts, Bryan J. (1)
Roberts, Buford
Roberts, Chandler A.
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Charles A
Roberts, Charles Garner
Roberts, Charnell Powell
Roberts, Cinncinatus
Roberts, Clarence
Roberts, David Elisha
Roberts, David Wayne
Roberts, David Wilburn
Roberts, Doyle
Roberts, E. L.
Roberts, E. L. (1)
Roberts, E. L. (2)
Roberts, Edward (Ed)
Roberts, Edwin
Roberts, Effie Elizabrth
Roberts, Eileen
Roberts, Elijah Wicker
Roberts, Elisha
Roberts, Elizabeth W.E.J.
Roberts, Elvis Wayne
Roberts, Emma
Roberts, Ezekial W.
Roberts, Fannie
Roberts, Faye
Roberts, Frances
Roberts, Frank
Roberts, George
Roberts, George (1)
Roberts, George O.
Roberts, Grace Alcyne
Roberts, Gray S.
Roberts, Gray S. (1)
Roberts, Gray S. (2)
Roberts, Gray S. (3)
Roberts, Gray Stock
Roberts, Gray Stock (1)
Roberts, Harry
Roberts, Harvey A.
Roberts, Henry C.
Roberts, Henry Sinclair
Roberts, Hetty Luana
Roberts, Houston
Roberts, Infant
Roberts, Infant (1)
Roberts, Infant (2)
Roberts, Ira
Roberts, Isaac Bateman
Roberts, Isaac Newton
Roberts, Isabelle "Belle"
Roberts, J. T.
Roberts, J.D.
Roberts, Jacob Elvis (Pete)
Roberts, Jacob Zachariah
Roberts, Jake
Roberts, James M. N.
Roberts, James Melvin
Roberts, James S.
Roberts, Joan
Roberts, Joel Edward
Roberts, John
Roberts, John (1)
Roberts, John H.
Roberts, John J.
Roberts, John Wesley
Roberts, Judith
Roberts, Kenny
Roberts, Kenny (1)
Roberts, Lania
Roberts, Larry
Roberts, Laura
Roberts, Laura (1)
Roberts, Laura (2)
Roberts, Lester
Roberts, Lewis
Roberts, Lillian
Roberts, Linda
Roberts, Linda (1)
Roberts, Lizzie
Roberts, Lottie
Roberts, Lucy Haeker
Roberts, Margey L.
Roberts, Martha M.
Roberts, Martha W.
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary (1)
Roberts, Mary Brown
Roberts, Mary Frances
Roberts, Mary Kathryn
Roberts, Mary M.
Roberts, Matilda
Roberts, Medford
Roberts, Melviny
Roberts, Minnie Lee
Roberts, Missouri
Roberts, Missouri (1)
Roberts, Nancy Jenny
Roberts, Nannie
Roberts, Oleene
Roberts, Olen Edgar
Roberts, Oswald
Roberts, Rebecca Ann
Roberts, Rebecca Glenn
Roberts, Reubin
Roberts, Rhoda
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Robert , Sr.
Roberts, Robert , Sr. (1)
Roberts, Robert R.
Roberts, Rowland
Roberts, Rowland (1)
Roberts, Ruth
Roberts, Ruth (1)
Roberts, Shannon
Roberts, Sherod E.
Roberts, Stella
Roberts, Thomas J.
Roberts, Twin Infant Son
Roberts, Twin Infant Son (1)
Roberts, Unknown
Roberts, Unknown (1)
Roberts, Vera
Roberts, Vera (1)
Roberts, Wesley
Roberts, Wesley H. , Sr.
Roberts, William
Roberts, William (1)
Roberts, William (2)
Roberts, William Bruce
Roberts, William C.
Roberts, William Chandler
Roberts, Willie Frances
Roberts/ Dr.|Dr, Brown
Roberts/ Dr.|Dr, R.
Robertson (Private), Amanda Ruth
Robertson (Private), Brooks Camp
Robertson (Private), Brooks Camp , Jr.
Robertson (Private), Donald
Robertson (Private), Elizabeth Anne
Robertson (Private), John Willard
Robertson (Private), John William
Robertson (Private), Mary
Robertson (Private), Mary Frances
Robertson (Private), Mattie Lee
Robertson (Private), Michael Clayton
Robertson (Private), Nicole Breland
Robertson (Private), Robert L.
Robertson, Albert B.
Robertson, Alice
Robertson, Andrew Briggs
Robertson, Andrew Briggs (1)
Robertson, Catherine E.
Robertson, Charles R.
Robertson, Christopher
Robertson, Cyrus
Robertson, Cyrus Handley
Robertson, Edward G.
Robertson, Eliza Jaekel
Robertson, Elizabeth
Robertson, Elizabeth "Betsy"
Robertson, Elizabeth (1)
Robertson, Elizabeth (2)
Robertson, F. R.
Robertson, Fannie Mary
Robertson, George
Robertson, George , Jr.
Robertson, George III
Robertson, George Jewell
Robertson, George W.
Robertson, Gillie Ann
Robertson, Gillwater "Gilly"
Robertson, Handley
Robertson, Harry
Robertson, Horace L.
Robertson, Jack
Robertson, James
Robertson, James R.
Robertson, John
Robertson, John (1)
Robertson, John Anderson
Robertson, John M.
Robertson, John Pinkney
Robertson, John S.
Robertson, Joseph
Robertson, Kate
Robertson, Lillian Ethel
Robertson, Margaret F.
Robertson, Martha
Robertson, Mary
Robertson, Mary E.
Robertson, Mary Emily
Robertson, Mary L.
Robertson, Mary T.
Robertson, Matilda
Robertson, Merle
Robertson, Mildred ÒMilleyÓ
Robertson, Mizella M.
Robertson, Nancy
Robertson, Nancy (1)
Robertson, Nancy (2)
Robertson, Parker W.
Robertson, Richard Parker
Robertson, Richard Parker (1)
Robertson, Richard Parker Jr.
Robertson, Sally Edith
Robertson, Samuel B.
Robertson, Steven
Robertson, Susan E.
Robertson, Susan Nelson
Robertson, Susannah
Robertson, Thomas Andrew
Robertson, Virginia E.
Robertson, Warren K.
Robertson, William
Robertson, William Campbell
Robertson, William H.
Robertson, William John
Robertson, William Nelson
Robertson, William Wright
Robertson, Winna A.
Robetrs, Elmer
Robins, Susan (Hurst)
Robinson (Private), Cindy
Robinson (Private), Daniel Lee "Dib"
Robinson (Private), Grace
Robinson (Private), Kristi
Robinson (Private), Mary Louise (Wortham)
Robinson (Private), Rosanna
Robinson (Private), Sarah
Robinson, ??? Dr.
Robinson, Anita Rebecca
Robinson, Ausley
Robinson, Brenda Sue
Robinson, Catherine
Robinson, Catherine (1)
Robinson, Catherine ÒCatyÓ
Robinson, Christine M.
Robinson, Christy Marie
Robinson, David , Jr.
Robinson, David , Jr. (1)
Robinson, E G
Robinson, Easter
Robinson, Edna
Robinson, Esther (Easter)
Robinson, Esther (Easter) (1)
Robinson, Eva Lou
Robinson, George
Robinson, George (1)
Robinson, George M.
Robinson, George M. (1)
Robinson, Georgia Ann
Robinson, Herman "Mose"
Robinson, Hugo
Robinson, Imogene
Robinson, Ira Charles
Robinson, James Wiley
Robinson, Lula
Robinson, Mamie
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mattie Lou
Robinson, Myrtle
Robinson, Rastus
Robinson, Rastus (1)
Robinson, Robert S.
Robinson, Sallie
Robinson, Temperance
Robinson, Wayne Edward
Robinson, Wayne Edward (1)
Robinson, William Thomas
Robison (Private), Ann
Robison (Private), Catherine Virginia
Robison (Private), Charlie Howard (Jr.)
Robison (Private), James Fred
Robison, Angus T.
Robison, Charlie H.
Robison, Charlie Patterson
Robison, Frank Allison
Robison, Infant
Robison, Infant (1)
Robison, Jessie Wortham
Robison, Lloyd Stokes
Robison, Margaret Lee
Robison, Minnie Ann
Robison, Nancy Elizabeth
Robison, Walter Harmon
Robison, Willie Paul
Robison, Zelida Allison
Robitzsch (Private), Heather Patricia
Robitzsch (Private), Kenneth
Robohn, Edna Frances
Roby, Kelli Elizabeth
Roby, Samentha Ashly
Roby, Tommy
Roby, Whitney Michelle
Roche (Private), Edward James Jr.
Roche, Edward James
Rochester (Private), Opal Juanita
Rocker (Private), Frances
Rocker (Private), James Oscar
Rocker (Private), James Oscar , Jr.
Rocker (Private), June Elizabeth
Rocker (Private), Margaret Coleman
Rocker (Private), Patricia Ann
Rocker, Albert Herman
Rocker, Jacob Oscar
Rockholt (Private), Kathleen Bailee
Rockholt (Private), Kelly Tyler
Rockholt (Private), Robert Preston
Roddenberry, Cola
Roddenberry, Ella R.
Roddenberry, Frances
Roddenberry, Harry
Roddenberry, Harry (1)
Roddenberry, Jane
Roddenberry, Maggie
Roddenberry, Mary Elizabeth
Roddenberry, Robert
Roddenberry, Robert W.
Roddenberry, Sheb
Roddenberry, Stillborn Infant
Roddenberry, Stillborn Infant (1)
Roddenberry, Vada
Roddenberry, Virdie
Roddenberry, Wesley
Roddenberry, William

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