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List of Individuals
Roden, Billy Ray
Roden, Billy Ray (1)
Roden, Christy Gayle
Roden, Deborah Linell
Roden, Rebecca Leigh
Rodes, Alice Jacintha
Rodes, Charles
Rodes, Frances
Rodes, Henrietta
Rodes, J.W.
Rodes, Jacintha Tazewell
Rodes, Jacynth Virginia
Rodes, John
Rodes, John (1)
Rodes, Lucy
Rodes, Robert Clifton
Rodes, Ryland
Rodes, Sarah
Rodes, Sydney
Rodes, Tyree
Rodes, Virginia
Rodes, William
Rodes, William Smith
Rodes/ Capt.|Capt.|Jack /Rodes, John
Rodgers (Private), Anita
Rodgers, Amanda
Rodgers, Brad Cornell
Rodgers, Brad Cornell (1)
Rodgers, James Frederick (Rick)
Rodgers, James Frederick (Rick) (1)
Rodgers, Janice Elaine
Rodgers, Janice Elaine (1)
Rodgers, Jerry Frederick
Rodgers, Jerry Frederick (1)
Rodgers, Jessie Frederick
Rodgers, Jessie Frederick (1)
Rodgers, John Frederick
Rodgers, John Frederick (1)
Rodgers, Kimbrell Paige
Rodgers, Kimbrell Paige (1)
Rodgers, Mary Beatrice
Rodgers, Mary Beatrice (1)
Rodgers, Milton
Rodgers, Nancy Louisa Augustine
Rodgers, Nina
Rodgers, Perry M.
Rodgers, Perry M. (1)
Rodgers, Rebecca Morene
Rodgers, Rebecca Morene (1)
Rodgers, Ruby Mae
Rodgers, William
Rodriguez, Jesse David
Rodriguez, Nina Catherine
Rodriguez/|/Roger, Manolo Baldias
Roe, Angel M.
Roe, Charity Hope
Roe, Charity Hope (1)
Roe, Doris
Roe, Doris (1)
Roe, Emma
Roe, J. C.
Roe, J. C. (1)
Roe, Leslie Louie
Roe, Leslie Louie (1)
Roebuck, Alice Fay
Rogers (Private), ???
Rogers (Private), Ann Marie
Rogers (Private), Barry
Rogers (Private), Beverly
Rogers (Private), Buddy
Rogers (Private), Chuck
Rogers (Private), Clinton C.
Rogers (Private), David Aaron
Rogers (Private), Garry
Rogers (Private), Henry Wallace
Rogers (Private), Henry Wallace , Jr.
Rogers (Private), Jennifer Melinda
Rogers (Private), Jimmy C. , Sr.
Rogers (Private), Johnny Lee
Rogers (Private), Joseph O.
Rogers (Private), Lillian Alice
Rogers (Private), Michael
Rogers (Private), Minnie Elizabeth
Rogers (Private), Pam
Rogers (Private), Sara
Rogers (Private), Tracy Allen
Rogers, (1)
Rogers, (2)
Rogers, (3)
Rogers, (4)
Rogers, (5)
Rogers, (6)
Rogers, (7)
Rogers, ???
Rogers, Alfred R
Rogers, Amaryllis (Amy)
Rogers, Anne Lone
Rogers, Ashburn
Rogers, Ashburn (1)
Rogers, Babe Charlotte Jane
Rogers, Barbara
Rogers, Bart Hamilton
Rogers, Benjamin Lone
Rogers, Bernice
Rogers, Bernice (1)
Rogers, Bessie
Rogers, Bessie (1)
Rogers, Calvin C.
Rogers, Catherine
Rogers, Catherine (1)
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Charles (1)
Rogers, Charles Morgan
Rogers, Charles W.
Rogers, Charlie
Rogers, Charlie (1)
Rogers, Collin C.
Rogers, Cullen
Rogers, Drucilla
Rogers, Drucilla (1)
Rogers, Effie Virginia
Rogers, Emory W.
Rogers, Fannie
Rogers, Fannie (1)
Rogers, Fannie (2)
Rogers, George Carrington
Rogers, Hanley
Rogers, Hanley (1)
Rogers, Hazel
Rogers, Hazel Geniva
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Henry (1)
Rogers, Infant
Rogers, Infant (1)
Rogers, Issac Judson
Rogers, James
Rogers, James Cullen
Rogers, James Cullen (1)
Rogers, Jane L.
Rogers, Jerry Lee
Rogers, Jerry Lee (1)
Rogers, Jim C
Rogers, John
Rogers, John Calvin
Rogers, John J
Rogers, John James
Rogers, John James (1)
Rogers, John Lovett
Rogers, John W.
Rogers, Johnnie Velma
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Joseph Marion
Rogers, Joseph W.
Rogers, Joyce Anne
Rogers, Joyce Anne (1)
Rogers, Julia
Rogers, Julia (1)
Rogers, Julia (2)
Rogers, Julia Ann
Rogers, Lois Josephine
Rogers, Louisa
Rogers, Lucile
Rogers, Lucile (1)
Rogers, Lucretia
Rogers, Lucretia (1)
Rogers, Martha Ann Joyce
Rogers, Martha Blackburn
Rogers, Martha W.
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Mary (1)
Rogers, Mary Catherine
Rogers, Mary Edie
Rogers, Mary Elizabeth
Rogers, Mary Elizabeth (1)
Rogers, Mary Glenn
Rogers, Matilda
Rogers, Mattie
Rogers, Mattie (1)
Rogers, Mattie E.
Rogers, Melinda Lynn
Rogers, Myrtle Mildred
Rogers, Needham
Rogers, Ocie A.
Rogers, Olin
Rogers, Olin (1)
Rogers, Oren Hightower
Rogers, Pauline
Rogers, Pauline (1)
Rogers, Perry
Rogers, Perry (1)
Rogers, Perry Bruce
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Robert C.
Rogers, Robinson
Rogers, Robinson (1)
Rogers, S. B.
Rogers, Samantha Jane
Rogers, Sarah Beulah
Rogers, Sarah Beulah (1)
Rogers, Sophia
Rogers, Sophie Elizabeth
Rogers, Susan Elizabeth W.
Rogers, Sylvester
Rogers, T.J.
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Thomas (1)
Rogers, Thomas Franklin
Rogers, Tommie
Rogers, Tommie (1)
Rogers, Tristram Benjamin
Rogers, Unknown
Rogers, Unknown (1)
Rogers, Vernon Franklin
Rogers, William
Rogers, William Charles
Rogers, William Daniel
Rogers, William Roberson
Rogers/ Jr.|Jr, Thomas
Rogers/ Jr.|Jr, William Roberson
Rohan, Frank Paul
Rohan, Ronald Frank
Rohman, Annie Aurora
Rohman, Annie Aurora (1)
Rohr, ???
Roland (Private), Maurice
Roland (Private), Stanley
Roland, Alene
Roller, James Carl
Roller, Mahala
Rollins (Private), Corinna Ada
Rollins (Private), Polly Kay
Rollins (Private), Wylie J. III
Rollins, Harriet
Rollins/ Dr.|Dr, Wylie J. , Jr.
Rolston (Private), Iola Joan
Romaine, Charles Nichols , Jr.
Romeo (Private), Alan Charles
Romeo (Private), Francis Charles
Romeo (Private), Jeffrey Alan
Romo (Private), Dalinda
Rooney, Dorothy Mae
Root, Charles
Root, Eleanor
Root, James William
Root, Joseph Henry
Root, Karen Louise
Root, Mrs. Addie
Root, Mrs. Addie (1)
Root, William Henry
Roper, James Albert
Roper, James Albert (1)
Roper, Michelle Ansley
Roper, Sandra Jo
Roper, Sandra Jo (1)
Rorschach, ???
Rosa, Catherine Grace
Rosa, Emily Elizabeth
Rosa, Michael Timothy
Rosa, Richard Michael
Rosales (Private), Casandra Charlotte
Roscoe, Fannie
Rose (Private), ???
Rose (Private), Cora Grace
Rose (Private), Cyntha Lorraine
Rose (Private), Robin Elizabeth
Rose (Private), Tammy
Rose (Private), Theodora Earnestina
Rose (Private), Veronica Mary
Rose (Private), William Allan Elder
Rose (Private), Willis Edward
Rose (Private), Willis Edward , Jr.
Rose, (1)
Rose, ???
Rose, A.E. (Rev.)
Rose, Caroline
Rose, Deborah Frances
Rose, Edward Gustavia
Rose, Ferris Elmore "Bud"
Rose, Fred M.
Rose, Fred M. (1)
Rose, Guy Lloyd
Roseberry, Clarence William
Roseborough, Adam
Roseborough, Albert
Roseborough, Homer A.
Roseborough, Matthew
Roseborough, Ronald T.
Roseborough, Warren J.
Rosenbloom, Dorothy
Rosenthal (Private), Gary
Rosie, (1)
Ross (Private), James Dunlap
Ross (Private), Sandra
Ross, A R
Ross, A R (1)
Ross, Andrew Francis
Ross, Ashleigh Ferrell
Ross, Ferdinand H.
Ross, Florence Lillian
Ross, James
Ross, John
Ross, John (1)
Ross, John A.
Ross, John A. (1)
Ross, Lynn Kent "Skeet"
Ross, Marie
Ross, Mrs. Ellen (Gibbs)
Ross, Mrs. Ellen (Gibbs) (1)
Ross, Phyllis Doreen
Ross, Roger R.
Ross, Roger R. (1)
Ross, Samuel
Ross, Sarah Eliza
Ross, William Francis Capt.
Rosser, Edward
Rosser, Helen Ann
Rosser, Helen Ann (1)
Rosser, Jean Kay
Rosser, Jean Kay (1)
Rosser, Kenneth Raymond
Rosser, Kenneth Raymond (1)
Rosser, Rachel Elizabeth
Rosser, Rachel Elizabeth (1)
Rosser, Raymond Anthony
Rosser, Raymond Anthony (1)
Rosser, Raymond Howard
Rosser, Roy Justin
Rosser, Roy Justin (1)
Rossi (Private), Jennifer Rene'
Rossi (Private), John Dominick
Rossi (Private), Johnnie Michelle
Rossi (Private), Michael Douglas
Rossi (Private), Pietro
Rossi (Private), Stephanie Dawn
Rossi (Private), William Jared
Rossi (Private), William Pietro
Rossiter, White
Rossiter, White (1)
Rosson, Mandy L.
Rosson, Mandy L. (1)
Roth, Hans (Kuechhans)
Rothstein, Marvin
Roubicek (Private), Joseph Lawrence
Roughton, Ethyl
Roumillat (Private), Gwendolyn Augusta
Roumillat (Private), Kami Fay
Roumillat (Private), Kenneth Edward
Roumillat (Private), Kenneth Eugene
Roumillat (Private), Marcella Louise
Roumillat (Private), Marion Carlos
Roumillat (Private), Ronald Albert
Roumillat, Karen Terrisa
Roumillat, Robyn Alisia
Roundtree, David R.
Roundtree, Elizabeth
Roundtree, Ellen
Roundtree, Ellen (1)
Roundtree, George Ismay
Roundtree, James
Roundtree, James (1)
Roundtree, Lee Turner
Roundtree, Mary ÒMollyÓ
Roundtree, W. J.
Rountree (Private), Albert Douglas
Rountree (Private), Barbara Millicent
Rountree (Private), Betty Colleen
Rountree (Private), Byron Corley
Rountree (Private), Cassandra
Rountree (Private), Charles Alden
Rountree (Private), Charles Alden Jr.
Rountree (Private), Charlie Louise
Rountree (Private), Charlie Ross II
Rountree (Private), Christian Manning
Rountree (Private), Christine
Rountree (Private), Claudia Iris
Rountree (Private), Cynthia Louise
Rountree (Private), Dennis Charles
Rountree (Private), Donald Linsey
Rountree (Private), Donna Marie
Rountree (Private), Dorothy Edith
Rountree (Private), Edna
Rountree (Private), Edward George
Rountree (Private), Emma Lorene
Rountree (Private), Euris
Rountree (Private), Glenys Mabel
Rountree (Private), Gordon Hendricks
Rountree (Private), Harold Rex
Rountree (Private), Harold Wilson
Rountree (Private), Holly Holmes
Rountree (Private), James Lewis
Rountree (Private), James Ross
Rountree (Private), James Wade
Rountree (Private), Jan Douglas
Rountree (Private), Jaquitha Eugenia
Rountree (Private), Jenidean
Rountree (Private), Joel Ross
Rountree (Private), Kathleen Ann
Rountree (Private), Lindsey
Rountree (Private), Lucinda Lucialle
Rountree (Private), Madge Lee
Rountree (Private), Mark Lewis
Rountree (Private), Marlene Virginia
Rountree (Private), Martha
Rountree (Private), Mary
Rountree (Private), Mary Catherine
Rountree (Private), Mary Christine
Rountree (Private), Mildred M.
Rountree (Private), Miriam Louise
Rountree (Private), Montine Marcella
Rountree (Private), Myron Max
Rountree (Private), Patricia Ann
Rountree (Private), Rance
Rountree (Private), Ray
Rountree (Private), Raymond Byron
Rountree (Private), Rhonda Dianne
Rountree (Private), Rhonda Lynn
Rountree (Private), Richard
Rountree (Private), Robert Lewis
Rountree (Private), Robert Richard
Rountree (Private), Ruth
Rountree (Private), Sandra Ray
Rountree (Private), Saralee
Rountree (Private), Stanley Ray
Rountree (Private), Thomas Andrew Manning
Rountree (Private), Ura
Rountree (Private), Velma
Rountree (Private), William Bradley
Rountree (Private), William Coleman Jr.
Rountree (Private), William Harry
Rountree (Private), Willie Pearl
Rountree, Addie
Rountree, Addie (1)
Rountree, Albert G.
Rountree, Andrew Jackson
Rountree, Andrew Poe
Rountree, Anna
Rountree, Betty
Rountree, Betty (1)
Rountree, Bradley Andrew
Rountree, C. N.
Rountree, Carley
Rountree, Charles Glenn
Rountree, Charlie Ross
Rountree, Clark
Rountree, Courtney
Rountree, Courtney (1)
Rountree, Donald Rex
Rountree, Dora
Rountree, Eustace Byron
Rountree, Female
Rountree, Female (1)
Rountree, Frederick Jackson
Rountree, Frederick Jackson (1)
Rountree, Gaye
Rountree, Gaye (1)
Rountree, George
Rountree, Glenn Ross
Rountree, Gussie
Rountree, Henrietta
Rountree, Henrietta (1)
Rountree, Homer
Rountree, Horace Edward
Rountree, Idella "Della"
Rountree, J. T. "Jake"
Rountree, J. T. "Jake" (1)
Rountree, Jack
Rountree, Jack (1)
Rountree, James Longstreet
Rountree, James Rex
Rountree, James Sylvester
Rountree, Jenny Dean
Rountree, Jesse Lewis
Rountree, Jessie
Rountree, Jessie (1)
Rountree, John
Rountree, John Clinton
Rountree, John Clinton (1)
Rountree, John E.
Rountree, John E. (1)
Rountree, John Linsey
Rountree, John Plunkett
Rountree, John Wesley
Rountree, John Wesley (1)
Rountree, Julia Frances
Rountree, Kayla
Rountree, Kayla (1)
Rountree, Laura
Rountree, Laura Lee
Rountree, Laura Lee (1)
Rountree, Lee Turner
Rountree, Lucas Nelson
Rountree, Lucas Nelson (1)
Rountree, Lucy J.
Rountree, Manning
Rountree, Manning R.
Rountree, Marjorie Dean
Rountree, Mary Elizabeth

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